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SousFlow serves courageous leaders untapped potential & optimizations

We harness the power of automation. This empowers leaders to transform insights,  optimizations and manual work into seamless automated results. Your potential combined with our spearheading solutions will lead to tangible results.


Our Services

At SousFlow, we don’t just automate; we transform. We bridge the gap between insights and tangible results, ensuring that your strategies are not only realized but optimized for maximum efficiency and impact.


Harness the power of automation with SousFlow and transform insights into tangible results. Your potential, combined with our spearheading solutions, will lead to unparalleled outcomes.

Software & SaaS Automation

Insightful Partnerships: In collaboration with industry leaders like Snow Software, BMC, and ServiceNow we identify potential savings in unused software and SaaS subscriptions.

Actionable Automation: While others provide insights, we take the next step. We automate the process of uninstalling unused software and optimizing (e.g. plan change) SaaS subscriptions, ensuring that potential savings are actualized.

Access & Identity Automation

On-demand: Enable your employees to request and get access rights delivered according to your approval policies. Shared folders, distribution/mail lists, sharepoint sites are just a few examples.

Seamless Onboarding: Automate the process of requesting and setting up access rights, from distribution lists to AD group memberships, workplace configuration and more.

Efficient Offboarding: Ensure that access is revoked or transferred appropriately when employees leave or change roles. Ensure that accounts are disabled or removed.

Infrastructure Automation

Dynamic Infrastructure: Automate the creation IaaS resources, complete with tagging and ownership details. Know precisely what's being used, for what purpose, and by whom.

Smart Lifecycle Management: Set resources up to be automatically removed after specific time spans, ensuring optimal resource utilization and elimination of cloud sprawl.

Custom workflow Automation

Tailored Automation: We design automated workflows that align with your unique strategic goals, ensuring operations that are not just efficient but also impactful.

Thanks to our experience, best-practice knowledge and tool skills projects doesn't have to take months before they're fruitful - rather weeks or days.

Empowering teams

Tools & Strategies: Equip your teams with the latest tools and strategies, ensuring that leadership decisions translate into continuous and seamless execution.

Our services include empowering your team with the skillset and know-how to effectively manage your automations over time.

Custom Automation Support & Maintenance

SousFlow’s dedicated Support and Maintenance ensures your Custom Automation processes remain at peak performance?

We make sure your operations stay uninterrupted, so you can focus on innovation. SousFlow has the rest covered.

Technologies under our belt

About us

🔍 Our Vision:

To be the bridge that turns potential into tangible results, making businesses more agile, efficient, and ready for the future. Join us on this exciting journey as we redefine the boundaries of automation and set new standards for business efficiency.

🎯 Client-Centric Approach:

At SousFlow, our clients are at the heart of everything we do. We understand that every business is unique, and our solutions are tailored to meet individual needs. By listening to our clients and understanding their challenges, we’re able to deliver solutions that truly make a difference, driving success in today’s competitive landscape.

💡 Innovation at Heart:

At SousFlow, we believe in continuous evolution. Our team is dedicated to staying at the forefront of automation technology, ensuring that our clients always have access to the best and latest solutions.

🤝 Partnerships that Empower:

Our collaboration with industry leaders is a testament to our commitment to excellence. Together, we’re not just identifying potential; we’re unlocking it.

🌱 Growth & Community:

As we grow, so does our commitment to the community. We’re proud to have created jobs, fostered innovation, and contributed to a brighter, more automated future.

🌍 Global Impact:

With a footprint across various sectors, we’ve not only automated tasks but also empowered businesses to achieve more with less. Our solutions have touched industries from tech startups to established conglomerates, making operations smoother and more efficient.

Our Journey 🚀

From a spark of inspiration to a beacon of automation excellence, SousFlow was born out of a passion for harnessing the untapped potential of businesses. We saw a world where decisions could be transformed into impactful actions, and we set out to make that vision a reality 👇


Igap Technology was founded to revolutionize the way automation was done.


Automation Platform was launched to the market successfully.


Automation Platform was renamed to Productivity Optimizer, now as part of Snow Software


SousFlow founded to offer specialized automation services

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