2024's Top IT Trends: AI Dominance to Automation Surges

Top 10 IT Predictions for 2024



Brace yourself for a year of IT surprises and advancements. From cutting-edge developments in AI and cloud computing to the challenges of cybersecurity, we dive into the top ten trends reshaping the IT landscape in 2024.


1. AI Takes Center Stage

AI’s impact in 2024 is more profound than ever. Expect it to revolutionize job roles, technological infrastructure, and cybersecurity. Alon Goren of AnswerRocket predicts a corporate tug-of-war over AI’s role, while Charles Chow of Lumen Technologies Asia Pacific sees a shift towards an AI-centric workforce.


2. Rethinking Public Cloud

Skyrocketing costs are prompting a reevaluation of public cloud usage. Karthik Ranganathan of Yugabyte anticipates a strategic shift back to private cloud for certain workloads. This move is driven by efficiency concerns and a reanalysis of cloud economics.


3. Rise of Automation

With economic uncertainties looming, IT teams are under pressure to enhance efficiency. Nintex’s Wayson Vannatta and Digitate’s Rajiv Nayan highlight the necessity and benefits of embracing automation, with Nayan pointing out that a vast majority of companies plan to implement more IT automation soon.


4. Boost in Managed Services

AI’s role in network management is becoming a game-changer for managed services, as noted by Dan Rasmussen of Hughes Network Systems. Companies are now focusing on AI-driven solutions for network resilience and are exploring in-house AI model development for specific business needs.


5. From Execution to Strategy in IT

IT’s role is evolving from execution to strategic planning. Raju Seetharaman of Legal & General America emphasizes the importance of thoughtful navigation through the rapidly changing AI landscape and its regulatory, technological, and security implications.


6. IT Job Market Dynamics

AI advancements might lead to operational efficiencies but also job reductions in IT, according to Legal & General America’s Seetharaman. However, companies leveraging technology for growth could see new job creation in AI and related fields.


7. Work Environment Adaptations in IT

The evolving nature of work demands more adaptable IT practices, especially in managing diverse and distributed teams. Mastercard’s Charman Hayes predicts a greater focus on flexibility, project diversity, and engagement with Gen Z values like DEI and sustainability.


8. IT’s Role in AI Integration

IT teams are at the forefront of AI integration, balancing opportunities and risks. Snow’s Alastair Pooley discusses the challenge of managing intellectual property and sensitive data in AI projects, while Martin Barrett emphasizes AI’s potential in enhancing sustainability efforts.


9. Budget Pressures and App Rationalization

Doug Barbin of Schellman and Prasad Ramakrishnan of Freshworks stress the growing financial pressures on IT budgets. They note the need for careful app evaluation and the importance of data privacy in AI model training.


10. Compliance and Security Challenges

Regulatory changes and security concerns will continue to strain IT budgets. Internalization of privacy regulations and the emergence of ‘Shadow AI’ within organizations are key issues, as highlighted by Jay Upchurch of SAS.

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