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In the age of Software as a Service (SaaS), the ease of procuring and integrating new applications can sometimes lead to a chaotic digital environment. Snow Software’s SaaS Management Survey 2023 highlights a crucial solution to this challenge: training employees on SaaS application purchasing.



The Challenge of Unauthorized SaaS Additions:

One of the significant challenges faced by IT leaders is employees adding new SaaS applications without notifying the IT department. This seemingly harmless action can have several repercussions:


  • Security Concerns: Unauthorized applications might not meet the company’s security standards, leading to potential vulnerabilities.
  • Resource Overlap: Multiple teams might procure similar tools, leading to redundant spending.
  • Operational Inconsistencies: Different teams using different tools for similar tasks can lead to operational inefficiencies and lack of standardization.

The Power of Training:

“Creating SaaS application buying training for all employees with purchasing power” emerged as the top choice for IT leaders when considering solutions to the challenge of SaaS sprawl. Here’s why training is pivotal:


  • Informed Decisions: Training equips employees with the knowledge to evaluate SaaS applications based on company standards, ensuring that only compliant and necessary tools are procured.
  • Cost Efficiency: By understanding the company’s existing SaaS landscape, employees can avoid redundant purchases, leading to cost savings.
  • Enhanced Security: A well-informed employee is less likely to integrate a non-compliant or potentially harmful application, ensuring a more secure digital environment.

Implementing Effective Training:


  • Regular Workshops: Organize periodic workshops to update employees on the latest company policies regarding SaaS procurement and to introduce them to approved applications.
  • Interactive Modules: Use e-learning platforms to create interactive training modules that employees can access at their convenience.
  • Feedback Loops: Encourage employees to provide feedback on the training programs and suggest potential SaaS applications for evaluation.


Empowering employees through training is a proactive approach to managing the SaaS environment. By ensuring that every team member understands the importance and implications of their SaaS choices, businesses can create a harmonious, efficient, and secure digital workspace.



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