Automated IT Self-Service

In today’s dynamic business environment, the need for agility and efficiency has never been more pronounced. As we navigate the post-COVID-19 landscape, businesses are realizing the importance of being adaptable and responsive, especially in the realm of IT. SousFlow recognizes this shift and champions the integration of automation in IT self-service.


Why Embrace IT Automation?

Automation stands as a beacon for IT departments aiming to deliver superior service quality. It eradicates monotonous tasks, trims down approval cycles, and embeds best practices into IT service delivery. No matter your cloud maturity or infrastructure type, automation can usher in enhanced efficiency and productivity.

By integrating automation, we empower end-users with self-service access to technology. This not only expedites the delivery of essential technologies but also ensures transparency and control. The result? A nimble technology environment that can swiftly adapt to fluctuating business needs and global economic shifts.


Boosting Efficiency for a Diverse Workforce

Automation shines when tasks are distinct, standardized, and repetitive. A prime example is the process of granting access to infrastructure and application resources. From service requests, approvals, provisioning, to decommissioning, each step is repetitive and error-prone. Automation accelerates these tasks, allowing IT teams to pivot towards strategic business needs and innovation.


Cost Savings Through Efficiency

Effective automation translates to cost savings. While the savings might not always be direct, automation can prevent overspending. As per Gartner, organizations with a clear automation strategy can achieve up to 70% more savings. Policy-based automation, for instance, can prevent over-allocation in public cloud environments and result in deferred hardware purchase savings.

Gartner also forecasts that by 2024, businesses will reduce operational costs by 30% by merging automation technologies with revamped operational processes. With the rise of remote work, this trend is set to gain momentum.

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